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Unable to connect to client. the vnetd proxy encountered an error

Level 1

I installed the windows client on an SQL server. I was on a support call and the agent said it was ok to skip the cert generation as it wouldn't connect. Afterwards I couldn't get the client to connect properly. on Investigation I discovered that somone had removed the netbackup VLAN. I have added the new NIC assigned IP and ran the command to generate a cert successfully. However I since discovered that all other clients have a -bkup extension to their name and have entries in their hosts file and on the master server appliance which point to the -bkup name and to use the netbackup vlan IP rather than the normal host IP. I now have both entries listed in the console under Host properties, clients. I get "the vnetd proxy encountered an error" message when I click on either of them.

I assume it might be the cert should be regenerated for hostname-bkup rather than just hostname but I'm unsure how to do this of if this really is my problem.


Level 6

I dont see a reason why all clients now giving the same error ?

check on master and Client

bpclntcmd -pn -verbose

nbcertcmd -hostselfcheck

nbcertcmd -getCRL

This has to return output for master and self certificates

   VIP    Certified


From this client run nbcertcmd -getcerfiticate -token xxxx -force

that should do the trick - I am hoping that the NBU client is using -bkup interface to 'talk' to NBU master... and the DNS or hosts is pointing to correct IP/name...

Not sure if you will not have to do this:

nbcertcmd -revokecertificate -host client_name_old

nbcertcmd -createToken -reissue -host client_name_old -name client_name_old_bck


You should map the hostname-bkup to hostname under the Certificate Managment in the NetBackup console.

Backup will only work if this host has a certificate and that matches with host-id registered with NetBackup master. Once the hostname is registered you just have to manually map the hostname-bkup or approve the mapping in the console if you see the request to approve it. NetBackup should detect the private IP of this host and asks you to map it point to the hostname's host-id.