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VM Incremental backup

Level 6

Hi dear all, I am trying to get full and inc backup from vm's using vmware policy, but when I make change on a vm and run inc backup and inc backup size is same as full backup and equal to provisioned space.

First I think backup size must be equal to used space not provisioned space. Is it right? and about inc backup size? it is equal to full backup? (I enable change block traching in policy)



Level 5

Which version are you using?
Was it working in the past? Did you upgraded recently?

We faced the following issue:
After upgrading to NetBackup 7.7.2 BLIB/Accelerator may stop working when BPFIS_VERBOSE is less than

Please check it, hope it helps.



NBU 772, I am trying vm backups recently and after upgrade to 772. It seams I have an issue that makes my backup size to provisioned space, I think in normal case VM backups must equal to used space, What do you think?


Provisioned space is how much storage has been allocated and used is how much of that allocation is actually being used by the VM.

Full backup size should be more or less as used space.  It depends on vm activity but inc backup size should not be the same as full backup. If you enabled block level incr check in the policy and have same size,  please check technote i mentioned. We faced that issue on VMs we created after 7.7.2 upgrade.