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VMware accelerator feature

Level 5


Please give your comments about this behavior:

We have configured backup of a VMware virtual machine of approximately 500GB, with Accelerator enabled.

The first backup takes around 2 hours, after a few hours the next one is executed and takes almost the same time.

The accelerator statistics with 98% and deduplication of 95%.

Why does it last the same amount of time if Accelerator is 98% efficient? additional to the deduplication percentage?

Thank you!




Level 6

Hi @rafanto 

Firstly, are both backups Full backups or is the second a differential? That may have some bearing. 

The second thing to note is that the first part of the VMware backup will traverse the file system to map the files and directories, if the server has lots of files this may be what is taking the time (and the actual backup of the VMDK is then quick). 

You can test the above hypothesis by disabling the granular file recovery option (in the VMware tab of the policy) and measure the time taken. 
Otherwise paste the details of the backup job for both jobs. 


Hello, thank you for your quick response.

It's a full backup, but we have test with a incremental backup, and we have similar results.

An important detail is that the destination is a Cloud LSU (Veritas Alta Recovery Vault) which we understand uses a MSDP-C.  We have an on-premises NBU platform connected to Alta Recovery Vault and the backups go directly to this repository.

We'll going to disable GR on a VM to test the results.

Thank you!