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VMware backup on a distributed network

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Hi all,

I will explain my question in detail using an example.

Tthere is a site A and a site B. Site A contains VM A, Media-Server A, MSDP A. Site B is built similarly to A. Virtual machines can migrate B > A, or A > B. The cause may be crash, or other reasons provided by fault tolerant technology. Backup policies are configured for each site. The policy points to the corresponding MSDP site. Thus, backup traffic does not go beyond the perimeter of the site and has good performance. See Figure 1.
Сonsider the problem. See Figure 2.

VM B automatically migrates from site B to site A. Media-Server B continues to run backup VM B sessions on MSDP B. Negative effect: increased load on the communication line between sites, low backup speed.

Question. How to automatically backup virtual machines, while eliminating cross-copying? Keep in mind that machines can migrate between sites.



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Use the VIP tagging? Example query for site A: powerstate Equal "poweredOn" and Cluster Equal "sitea_cluster" and tag equal "backmeup"

simialr query for site but cluster name to match site B cluster name... or datacenter... 

Look here for more about VIP

Thank you for your reply. I configured policies through the VMware Intelligent Policy query.


Police Site A: (Storage MSDP A)

VMDNS Name AnyOf "VM A.", "VM B."

AND ESXserver StartWith “a”

AND Powerstate Equal poweredON

Police Site B: (Storage MSDP B)

VMDNS Name AnyOf "VM A.", "VM B."

AND ESXserver StartWith “b”

AND Powerstate Equal poweredON

Actual ESXsever names allow you to use conditions ... ESXserver StartWith ...

But there is a drawback. If all VMs of site B are moved to site A, Police A will work fine. Police B will fail with the error “sheduler found no backup due to run” (200). 

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Create dummy vm - which never will be moved... or ignore this error as it is not an error at all...

Thank you for your reply

I agree. This can be done