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Windows server 2016 1709 not backing up

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I just upgrade our host to Server 2016 1709 and it stop backing up. I cant run query based policy anymore.

We running Windows 2016 1709 and netbackup 8.0

Host: server 2016 1709 Core system

Netbackup Master Server: Windows 2012 R2, Install Netbackup 8.0

On the host we are running vertiual machine which are server 2012 and 2016 standard GUI

Can someone please let me know if 1907 is support and if not then why they done this


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Well from the current SCL, Windows Server 1709 requires NBU 8.1. BR Andrew

We will upgrade but it will take time to do this and server are allready upgrade to 2016 1709.

is they anyway to still use 8.0

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You should be able to run the NBU 8.0 client inside the existing Windows Server 2012 and 2016 VMs. 

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Not sure what you are asking.
If the OS is only supported as from 8.1, it will only work from 8.1.