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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Strange restore issue(-rclnt and -rclnthostname)

Netbackup 5.1, Master server Solaris 10, Media server Solaris 10, Exchange 2007 Have found a strnage issue while restoration, Master server has 2 interface out of which 1 is dedicated interface .Master server is acting just as a plain master , no dri...

Difference in bperror command in 5.x and 6.x

I have recently upgraded my server to 6.5.4 from 5.x version. There is script placed on serv er to find out number of failed jobs , media used by failed jobs  and successful jobs.   After upgradation this script is not working. Is there any differenc...

Backup VMs slow

Hello Experts, I am using Net Backup 7.0, backup VMs (18 VMs). Some VMs very fast speed about >25,000 KB/Sec, some VMs slow  about 8,000KB/Sec. I do not understand, All VMs the same VM Server. Any solution for me? Thanks Pruvn

pruvn by Level 5
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Resolved! How to Restore DC system State with NetBackup 7.0

Hello Experts, I am backed up DC System State full, Now want to   1. Restore this Image to this server 2. Restore this image to other server What should I do it? Please help me or send document guide it. Thank you very much. Pruvn

pruvn by Level 5
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Resolved! Agent for Oracle RMAN upgrade

Hello support, I am upgrading NetBackup client on some AIX servers. They currently are version 5.1 clients with the 5.1 oracle agent. Their master and media servers have been upgraded to 7.0.1 The clients were recently upgraded to NetBackup 6.5.5 but...

Stumpr2 by Level 6
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Why would an Exchange 2010 backup just not run for 5 days?

As you know...we have an Exchange 2010 environment that we are int he process of migrating too, but ran into a hiccup. Our backups for one of the dags just stopped running 4 days ago. No alerts, no failure notifications, just stopped running. As we h...

Netbackup client upgrade

i just used the 7.0_Clients_GA to upgrade Solaris 9 client from NB MP5.1 to 7.0, and all went well, but the version still says 6.5.   Why is this?

p3354c by Not applicable
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Resolved! Removing an old Master Server

I am at a client site that went from a clustered 6.5.3 environment to a new clustered 7.1 environment.  We installed two new servers with an 02 designation.  But the 01 servers still show up in the media and master server list.  Just curious the step...

Travis_J by Level 3
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Master Server Virtualization

Hello Guys, I have in my production environment in a Master Server 7.0.1 platform Windows 2008 64bit (physical server). We are considering virtualize it. I would like to know if anyone has virtualized the Master Server? One question: If the vir...

Resolved! Cannot browse oracle files from BAR

Hello, I've done a oracle agent instalation on a media server thar resides oracle database. I can do backups from a rman script file but I cant do templates or browsing oracle files from BAR. I've executed bar from the database server and doesn't ape...

mesteves by Level 3
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how to get size of the folder from backed up data.

hi,   I am using netbackup 6.5.4, I go to Backup Archive restore window and select a folder to restore, I need to know the size of the folder that I am going to restore. Kindly let me know steps to find out size of the folder.   Thanks, Chidanand

Netchi by Level 3
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Backup failed with error 13 (file read failed)

Hi, There is an scheduled backup of a client which is getting failed with error - 13 (file read failed) at the initial stage without writing a single byte. But backup just after an reboot of server is getting partially completed. Access to the files ...

K_R by Level 4
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Resolved! Media Server Issue

Hi All,   My setup 6.5.5 Master/Media - Solaris 10.   In my environment under one media server all drives are going to AVR mode, I'am unable to bring it back using FORCE_RESTORE_MEDIASERVER. No changes after has been done on the setup. If is there an...

Ladoo by Level 2
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VM Browse List - Vmhost name - Netbackup 7

does anyone know wht the following happens   When I browse the Virtual Centre I am returned lists of Virtual machines - some machines return host names and others return Ip addresses. I can back them both up - they are all Windows machines. I would l...

gustav by Level 5
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Resolved! BMR Error V-126-12 / v-126-3 - Unable to perform "prepare to restore" for network-based restore of the virtual vmware (esxi) RHEL client or physical RHEL client.

Hi, See GUI screenshot (error.jpg) in attachment and text in error window printed below: [Error] V-126-3 'bmrprep' could not complete the requested operation. Please see logs for additional information. The SRT "rhel5_5_x86_64_vmcp" could not be...

bat0r by Level 3
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Manually Uninstalling the Client

Does anyone know how to manually remove the 7.0 client from server 2003. I installed the 7.0 client without a problem (so it said). I went to install the patch for 7.0.1 and it froze in the middle of the install. It hung at stopping services. Aft...

NDMP backup with open storage

HI @ all, anyone know if is possibible to implement an NDMP backup to NDMP attacched device of type open storage? My sotrage is a datadomain with no VTL. So i need to backup a nas filer to datadomain. Can i do this without using a media server?   Tha...

NDMP 3-way restore

Hi    I'm restoring from tape via NDMP . Is there a way to choose which tape drive to use for a NDMP three way restore?  I've some tape drive non able to reach the destination Netapp filer via NDMP,  and i'd like to use those which are able to reach ...