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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Netbackup email

Hi all experts, I backing up RED HAT Linux mail server in my VERITAS6.5 on SOLARIS 10. The backup performs well but how i could setup the email notification of the backup. Please give me some feedback.

NEO4100 Tape Drive

first post, so be kind.We had a 2 drive Neo4100 installed, but it was supposed to come with 4 drives, it only came with 2. After the second 2 were installed we found we can only use any two drives at any one time.Anyone any ideas ?cheersG

GCP by Level 2
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Problem with windows Netbackup 6.5 and Datadomain DD510

Hello all Ich have a Problem with the implemantation of a Datadomain DD510.My Netbackup Server works under windows 2003 Server.As test result, the backup with the integrated windows program (NT-Backup) works fine on the Datadomain.In the netbackup se...

gi by Not applicable
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check compression

There is question in netbackup STS that how to check actual compression ratio .. and choices : bplistbpmediabpverifybpmedialist .. I'm confused enough.. Can anybody help me.. Message Edited by samar on 10-10-2008 03:46 AM

samar by Level 3
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Resolved! lengthen the expiry date on tape

Dear All, Any command can be used to lengthen the expiry date on tape to "never expiry" or even longer in which the tape contains image. Regards,Blazer

Any suggestion to backup few TB from same client

I have this netbackup environment where there are multiple SAN (or Mountpoints) to my media server. There are at least 10 of these different mountpoints and these amount to at least few TB of data. Hence there are a number of policies that back up th...

Puffy by Level 6
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Can't see the tape drives?

I've recently installed NB 6.5 on a Solaris 10 system and am having trouble doing any backups. The tape unit is a Cybernetics DLT tape library with HP Ultrium 4 drives, connected via an Ultra320 SCSI card to a SunFire V880 server.  The robot library ...

Monty51 by Level 2
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Linux disk staging performance

We recently had some challenges with disk staging performance on Linux. Basically we were only seeing disk destaging at only ~12MB/sec.  This was using Sun/STK T10K tape drives, Prolient DL580 Server, and Clarion ATA disk.   Tuning buffers was of no ...

eporter by Not applicable
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Image Cleanup

Hi Everybody. Is normal the Imagen Cleanup ran After Policy Backup?If yes, is there a way to change that to run First Image Cleanup and then  Policy Backup? Thank you

Gera by Level 4
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New NB 6.5 install on new server w/ new name

We are currently running: NB 6.0 MP4HP-UX 11.i, PA-RISC2 media servers both same platform as above10 drives (LTO3) - 9 production , 1 spare/floater  Our new setup will be: Itanium - HP-UX 11.23 w/ 8 4gb fiber ports - new server name also (the old mas...

dukbtr by Level 4
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Problems restore files on network resource

Good Morning, I have VNB 6,5 installed on Proliant with Win Server 2003.It works fine, I can backup clients UNIX and Windows.When I want to restore any file I can do it in original position on clients or locally within a folder.For space problems, I ...

bonovox by Level 3
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bare metal restore error

Hi to all,i'm in a test fase of bare metal restore. Windows restore worked really fine, but red hat 2.6 restore failed. I have installed a red hat 2.6 system in one box, with the standart partitions beeing created automaticly during the installation....

warning message -vnetd

Hello,    The following message are continuously appears in /var/adm/messages on master server and some client machine(Solaris-9)(Master)[]Aug 19 03:10:01 amethyst inetd[20643]: [ID 927837] connect from amethystAug 19 03:10:01...

niks_blr by Level 2
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Incremental backup as full

I am backing up over 50 servers at my site, and I have encountered a problem I haven't seen before. One of the servers (windows) that I do not administer has a single partition which backs up 99% of the disk (About 700gb) every night. The disk only h...

DFO by Level 3
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Netbackup 6.0 migration Solaris9 machine

NetBackup Installation Guide for UNIX and Linuxhi all , I have the following environment.A netbackup 6.0 MP4 master server with Solaris 9 OS and it controlling a couple of tape libraries also I have a couple of Media servers and a lot of clients.Any ...

gamal by Not applicable
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Vmware licensing

We have an ESX Server (4 processors)with 2 Windows 2003 and 2 Linux.I know I need an enterprise client Tier 3.But which one?Also how many more clients I need?

Error while Restore Virtual Machine by NetBackup + VCB

Good Day!  I have a same problem while restoring the Virtual Machine by "Backup, Archive, and Restore" utility.What I do:1. I make the backup by NetBackUp + VCB = is succesfull!2. I delete the Virtual Machine from disk in Virtual Center.3. I run  "Ba...

NMC by Level 2
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Netbackup on Solaris x86 and SPARC comparisons

hi, we are currently looking at a new setup, preferably on solaris. it will be a lot easier to put forward a business case for solaris on intel platform as opposed to sparc. i am curious if anyone out there has any experience with nbu on solaris x86....

NB_noob by Level 3
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