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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Obsolete NBU version, where to get copies?

Hi,   I've been trying to get a copy of NBU 6.5 installers however after trying to get the copy via it says the product version I've been trying to download is not available anymore. I have checked it with customer car...

Resolved! bpcd port

  At NetBackup 7.x it does run on a client, BUT, at the moment a client can still use vnetd or even bpcd. What does it do, it sits there waiting for an incoming connection, and then hands it off the the relevant process. For example, a media server u...

volume group

I know volume group are logical groups for the physical location of the media.   What are default vol gp?We have 4 vol gp in our environment.00_TLD,---,OFFSITE,MY_OFFSITE_VOLUMES.Are all 4 of them created automatically?from where we create vol gp?---...

BMR Client

Hi, I have installed Netbackup 7.0 Master and Media servers on Windows 2008 R2 platform and Netbackup7.0 Client on another Windows2008R2 server. Storage Unit is configured as BasicDisk which is internal disk. I can take normal backups and restore the...

Netbackup 71,156 errors

Hello All, Master Server: Windows 2008, Same on Media server as well Netbackup version: Netbackup 7.0.1 Enterprise server, Same on Media server as well Client: MS Window 2000 5.00.2195 Service pack4 Backup Selection List: All local Drives C Drive: To...

skrp by Level 4
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Resolved! Cannot duplicate SLP controlled images (TECH60675)

Not sure if this is a duplicate post...tried earlier but it disappeared. I need to duplicate to tape images that are under an SLP that failed.  Fits the situation in TECH60675, nothing in the output of nbstlutil, but any attempt to manually duplicate...

Resolved! Media server decommission HP-UX NBU version 6.5.6

Greeting to all Experts !!! We are trying to Decommission a media server. We tried below listed, HP-UX Master and Media server with NBU version 6.5.6. 1) bpmedialist -mlist -h  mediaserver (It does not show any tape media associated with this media...

Vickie by Level 6
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Resolved! MS-SQL backup fails - Error in CoCreateInstance: 0x80040154

SQL Server 2005; Windows 2008 Server; NetBackup Backup using SQL Studio works fine.   OS backup using NetBackup also works.    Backup using NetBackup MS-SQL agent fails immediately with Error in CoCreateInstance: 0x80040154 An attempt was mad...

Manually duplicate SLP images to another STU (again)

I have read these threads: and both refer to this technote:

Resolved! Cannot backup SQL 2008 R2 using VMWare policy

When i try and run the back up for a specific server i get the following error. 01/03/2013 09:04:12 - end Application State Capture, Step By Condition; elapsed time: 00:00:00 01/03/2013 09:04:12 - begin Application State Capture, Application State C...

Resolved! netbackup client 32 bits

Hello everybody, I would like to know if there is a netbackup version for linux 32 bits because we have an application that only runs on 32 bits and we have to integrate that client into our existing netbackup enviroment. best regards

Resolved! Vault backup

NBU 2008R2. my tape libray has 2 drives. In vault duplicarion I have set it up to use 2 drives. when I look at my vault jobs it seems to be backing up clients on both drives which I am assuming is backing up the client twice. This may be cau...

snawaz3 by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup + Hyper-V Cluster

Hi all, i'm facing some trouble backuping Hyper-v machines on CSV cluster with NetBackup I have an Hyper-V cluster with 4 nodes. When i look into Failover cluster manager ==> Cluster Shared Volumes i can see VM on state "Redirected Acc...

kml by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.0

Hi All, Can we install Netbackup 7.0 64 bit on Win 7 Professional 64 bit.  I need it for Vmware?  Thanks, Belse

belse by Level 5
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Error message when trying to restore from tape

Hi, I am getting when I am restoring a file from a backup I did 2 weeks ago. We are running Netbackup 7.5. On a Windows platform. Tapes loaded fine, cleaned all 8 drives and fired off the restore. This is the error message i get Error bptm (PID=5680)...

bianchisi by Not applicable
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Resolved! locate backup server from client

Hi all, when I am logged on a server backed up by net backup,  I would like to check the backup server name how it was for backup exec. Is it possible? How? Thanks in advance

BMR Error.

  Hello All,   I have been trying to take BMR backup of One client in Veritas 6.5.6, Netbackup Client is also 6.5.6.   If I take any other Directory backup of the same system. It gets successfully done. But getting following error.       3/1/2013 2:2...

belse by Level 5
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Resolved! NDMP restore issue from imported disk-based backups

hi, ALL i imported a backup image(NDMP image from netapp storage) and wanted to restore to EMC storage. NBU: running on linux no media servers [root@blxecnbumast ~]# /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tpautoconf -verify  10.119.10.XXX  ====>10.119.10.XXX ...