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hana 600s backup logs error

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I have a hana1.0 server, sometimes in the backup hana log (15 minutes backup) status code 13. I master server client read timeout to 7200 seconds ,But to no avail. I see a timeout error after 600 seconds on hana studio. Will this be related to the backint_response_timeout parameter on hana studio? I have found a description of this parameter in other product manuals:
The backint_response_timeout parameter specifies how long SAP HANA waits for a log backup when hdbbackint is invoked.

The default is 10 minutes (600 seconds). When there is no log backup in that time period, SAP HANA kills the hdbbackint process and the job fails.

When you configure this option, the Commvault software sets the backint_response_timeout parameter to 1800 seconds for all databases except the SYSTEMDB.

You will see the parameter when you view the global.ini file for the database.
Have I encountered the same situation? Thank you.