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nbdeployutil command not exist in netbackup path (version 6.5)

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Hello Friends,

Regards title above, just want confirmation is nbdeployutil command not available in version 6.5 ?

I have customer using old netbackup version 6.5 

I try to run nbdeployutil command but unfortunately nbdeployutil command not exist in netbackup path (usr\openv\netbackup\bin\admincmd)

Appreciated friend assist.


Thank you !



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NBdeployutil was not part of netbackup binaries from the beginning. It starts as separate download from 7.0.1 and later and as part of netbackup from 7.6 or 7.7.

I do not remember if there was a nbdeplyutil for 6.x and as this version is very old and  out of support, I doubt that you will find the tool.


Noted & thank you Sir !


I looked through my software share and have 6.5 software but don't have the EEB for nbdeployutil. Even if I had it, not sure I could share it, legally. Good luck finding it.

Hi @imraibrahim 

Earliest nbdeployutil EEB I can see is for 6.5.2

Why do you need to run the utility? If you want to estimate usage for your customer, you can probably do something with bpimagelist and feeding this into excel to filter (looking for a unique set of full backups for each client & policy combination - which is kind of what nbdeployutil does). 



Thank you for your reply :) 

Noted, thank you Sir !