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"Drive Managed by Remote Host" After Virtualization

Level 2

I have a Linux NBU master/media server that was happily using an IBM TS3200 Tape Library connected via FC until it (the server) began to experience hardware failures. To prolong its life, I virtualized the server, and it is now running as a Guest on an VMWare ESXI 6.5 host.

I removed the previous configuration of the library/drives, rezoned the Tape Library on our SAN to connect with the ESXI host, and configured SCSI passthrough for the guest VM. Here's the output of '/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scan'

*********************** SDT_TAPE ************************
*********************** SDT_CHANGER ************************
Device Name : "/dev/sg3"
Passthru Name: "/dev/sg3"
Volume Header: ""
Port: -1; Bus: -1; Target: -1; LUN: -1
Inquiry : "IBM 3573-TL F.01"
Vendor ID : "IBM "
Product ID : "3573-TL "
Product Rev: "F.01"
Serial Number: "00L4U78W2126_LL0"
WWN : ""
WWN Id Type : 0
Device Identifier: "IBM 3573-TL 00L4U78W2126_LL0"
Device Type : SDT_CHANGER
NetBackup Robot Type: 8
Removable : Yes
Device Supports: SCSI-5
Number of Drives : 2
Number of Slots : 44
Number of Media Access Ports: 3
Drive 1 Serial Number : "10WT087320"
Drive 2 Serial Number : "10WT013439"
Flags : 0x0
Reason: 0x0

To my eye, everything looks correct.

When running the Storage Device Configuration Wizard, Netbackup can successfully detect the tape robot, but I am unable to add the Tape Drives to the configuration, as they are "Managed by a Remote Host".

I have seen a few topics with similar issues that recommended restarting the Tape Library. I have attempted this, as well as rebooting the Guest VM, without any effect.

Has anyone come across this issue before, or have any ideas on how to get the Drives recognized by the Wizard?