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when I perform 'prepare to restore',appeare'can't find true image restore',help

Level 2
the env as blow:
master server:windows 2003 ,nbu 6.0mp4,bmr master server 6.0mp4
boot server:solaris8,nbu6.0mp4 media server,bmr boot server 6.0mp4
srt:1 nework based and 1 cd based.
client:solaris8 ,all_local_drivers was backup successfully,I can find the 'true image backup' from jbpSA,at client console even at boot server console(perform dest restore)
2007-7-11 16:03:09.703 [Error] V-126-9 Cannot find TrueImage date. To rectify, ensure:
 - The BMR server is allowed to contact NetBackup server on behalf of client.
 - A full backup of client is available.
 - The client backup was performed with 'true image restore' information.
2007-7-11 16:03:09.703 [Error] V-126-3 'bmrprep' could not complete the requested operation.
could anybody help me ?or how can i do to get more logs?

Level 2
another question:
any permission be required to config bmr.
if the boot server must in the master server's additional server list?

Level 3
I would guess that the exact nature of the problem is recorded in the logs. If the TIR backup does exist and it is a full backup image,  check out the logs.
Use this command to view the logs created by unified logging.

vxlogview -i 131
In most cases, correcting the problem described in the logs and retrying the failed task is sufficient to complete a successful restore. If

Level 2
I had this problem 1 month ago and I found the solution. It seems to be a bug. In fact, when you want to backup a client with the BMR option, you just checked "Collect disaster recovery information for bare metal restore". And if "Collect true image information" and "with move detection" weren't checked, they are automatically checked. But, I found that despite the fact they have been checked automatically, NetBackup does not save those options correctly. So, to "solve it", just uncheck all the 3 checkboxes and save the modifications. Then, reopen the policy properties and check, in order :
1. Collect true image information...
2. With move detection
3. Collect disaster recovery information for bare metal restore

After this, just run a full backup for the policy

Hope it helps.