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How to remove Netbackup client

i have installed a Netbackup 6.5 server and win2003 server with service pack2. i have 12Clients license and all are in used. i want to remove 2 clients from Netbackup6.5 and want to add other 2clients.
How to remove Netbackup client from the Netbackup server(is there any procedure to remove the clients or I just remove from client Menu from Netbackup??) 

Zahid Haseeb
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 Delete a computer from your

 Delete a computer from your account
When you delete a computer, you remove it from Symantec Protection Network. If you use Online Backup,
the data you backed up from the computer is deleted. Any users that are assigned to the computer are
unmapped and the alerts, reports and backup settings for the computer are deleted. If you use Online
Storage, the data you backed up is still available in your Symantec Protection Network folders.
If you want to add the computer again to Symantec Protection Network, you must download and install the
Protection Agent again.
To delete a computer
• On the Home page, in the Common Tasks area, click the View Computers With No Service link.
The Computers With No Services page appears.
• Click the Delete Computer link.
A message appears that asks you to type CONFIRM and click the Confirm button to delete the
• Click the My Services tab and the name of the service you want to delete a computer from.
If you want to delete the computer from Online Storage, click the Computers tab.
• Click the computer name and the Settings tab.
• Click the Click here to delete this system link.
A message appears that asks you to type CONFIRM to continue.
• Click the Remove System button.

After this un install the client software from machines removed.

Delete the client from Registry

Delete the client from Registry.

Click the Delete Computer

Click the Delete Computer option
give u r confirmation

Yes you need to delete it

Yes you need to delete it from the registry, thank you.

Follow steps...

One thing before uninstalling / deleting client from the backup server, cancel any backups or restores running on that client computer.

Follow below mentioned steps for uninstalling and removing client in NetBackup -

1. Go to the client computer and open the Control Panel

2. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs utility

3. Select the client and click the Remove button

4. At the console computer, open the console

5. In the Clients view, right-click the name of the appropriate client computer

6. From the drop-down menu, select Delete

7. In the Delete Client dialog box, click Delete

8. Deleting clients will delete all unique data for the selected clients. To proceed, select Delete

Note : Although the selected client computer is removed from the console display, its data remains on the backup server until the next scheduled backup server maintenance session. To reclaim disk space after deleting a client computer, catalog maintenance must be enabled.

To Enable Catalog Maintainance -

Right-click the backup server and select Properties and then Catalog. Make sure the Enable Maintenance Schedule box is selected.