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Stolen laptop still being backed up.

My wife's laptop was stolen a few months ago.  It has Norton 360 installed.  My wife got a new laptop and when she looked at her on-line back-up there are now files from the new 'owner'.  We don't want to have Norton kill the account since we may be able to track the laptop down based on things this lowlife is adding to the stolen laptop. My wife changed the password on her Norton account so I am not sure how the backup is continuing to work.  With the changed password will the crook be able to restore files that were backed up before or they they have to know the current password to restore files but not for them to automatically back them up?

We have turned off the backup on the new laptop and are deleting all the files that had been backed up before the laptop was stolen.  We just want to make sure the creep with the stolen laptop can't restore any of our files.



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That's a great story. Let us

That's a great story. Let us know if you catch him.


So Unfortunate. Best of luck...

Amazing that the perpetrator didn't just wipe the drive, but I hope you recover your assets and have a way of taking the person, or persons to justice. But of course who knows if the thief still has it or has pawned it off on someone else. Very unfortunate. Best to you.


Hi FenderChamp Sorry to hear

Hi FenderChamp

Sorry to hear about the theft of your laptop. This falls under one of those tricky catgories. The backup will continue to work unless the product key gets invalidated. If you've already purged the content they won't be able to access any of the older data sets. The likely chance is whomever stole it sold it or gave it to an unsuspecting person. That'd explain the lack of common sense to continue backing up data afrer the machine was taken.

With the proper police involvement and legal paperwork Symantec may be able to assist in providing some information. As to what specifically is hard to say till the request is made. If you want to either send me a private message and we can take the next step or you can contact our Legal department for assistance. You will likely want to have a copy of the police report handy if you do go the Legal team route.

If you simply want to cut them off entirely contact Tier 1 and have them generate a new product key for you. Then invalidate the old one. At least that way you can use the product and not worry about anything related to the stolen machine being tied to you actively any longer.


Wow, the nerve of some

Wow, the nerve of some people! I hope you catch this scum.