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We hear you! Published Technical Collateral Survey Results

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Want to know what your peers in the information management industry are thinking about, how they use published Veritas technical collateral, and what they find the most valuable? We did too. So, we asked several industry professionals for feedback, and here is what they said.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our CPEP survey!

Understanding customer experience

The importance of understanding the various experiences of Veritas customers spurred the NetBackup Technical Marketing Engineering Team (TME) to launch a survey asking customers and partners about their use of technical collateral (e.g., technical briefs, white papers, videos, etc.). Here’s an overview of the feedback we received:

Top 3 types of preferred collateral: 

  1. Technical brief
  2. User guide
  3. White paper/video

Top 3 go-to places to find collateral:

  1. Google
  3. Veritas SORT (Services and Operations Readiness Tool)

Top 3 collateral topics of most interest:

  1. How to guides
  2. Feature overviews
  3. Installation/upgrade support

Top 3 core themes of most interest: 

  1. On prem workload protection
  2. Cyber resiliency/security/ransomware
  3. Cloud

Top 3 represented industries in the responses:

  1. Telecommunications, Technology, Internet & Electronics
  2. Finance & Financial Services
  3. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

GEO distribution of the respondents:

  1. 45% AMS (Americas region)
  2. 36% EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa region)
  3. 19% APJ (Asia Pacific Japan region)

The majority indicated their preferred type of collateral (e.g., white paper, video) depends on the context (e.g., deep dive, general overview, troubleshooting, etc.).

The majority agree that collateral has helped in decision-making processes for purchasing Veritas products.

We also conducted follow up interviews with some of the survey respondents who stated that they go to Google first, then the Veritas support portal, and SORT and VOX for specific uses (e.g., compatibility checks and seeing what others are talking about and interested in). Participants stated that they saw great value in CPEP and utilize documentation mostly to review in-depth information on specific features, or occasionally videos for general overviews (e.g., on the Veritas V-Bytes YouTube playlist).

What does this mean for you?

Do these preferences align with yours? Veritas is focused on adapting to your requirements with a powerful and continually evolving suite of solutions. Start a conversation with our product teams.

Hyper-converged solutions such as the Veritas Access Appliance fit perfectly in the healthcare and public sector space, and new features (e.g., deduplication) in NetBackup 10.X take the company’s 30+ years of experience in data protection and puts it into a brand-new playing field.

Check out the full results here.

Feel free to visit if you would like to participate in similar studies in the future.