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OpsCenter's Preferred Network Address issue.

Level 5

Hi all,

Previously i had Symantec OpsCenter Server on the Windows x64 Standard Edtion Server. This server was used to test the OpsCenter Analytics.

Now the same server has been used to for production environment and we renamed the server without un-installing the Opscenter.

Later we have uninstalled the OpsCenter and removed all the entries of the old OpsCenter server in registery.

The applications is working fine after re-installing the OpsCenter Analyics on the same, but when we are going select the OpsCenter Preferred Network Address under Add Master Server Tab in Setting still it is showing the old FQDN server Name and IP address (

We have only renamed the server name and not have changed the IP address of the server. Please let me know whether any one of you have faced this issue and any resolution will appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!!