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OpsCenter 9.1 help needed, please

I cannot find usable examples to create my own SQL queries.I need a report that shows the tapes written in the last 14 days, sorted by Master/Media Server (4 of them) and sorted by slot number(or a query that shows the written tapes that have a slot ...

Opscenter Analitics

Good afternoon,I would like to clarify a doubt, how can I do opscenter analytics - collect data from Master Netbackup version 10.1To generate the reports?Thanks for the help

gise84 by Level 2
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Missing client when trying to add object to client view

I have a small issue with trying to add a client to a view within OpsCenter.  The client is not listed as an object to add to the node.  I have tried deleting the view and re-creating it.  We are running an appliance and a media serve...

Is apache tomcat 8.0 related to opscenter?

EOL/Obsolete Software: Apache Tomcat 8.0.x Detected in Opcenter Server.Is apache tomcat 8.0 related to opscenter?If yes, In opscenter version 8.2,what will be version of Apache tomcat? 

Netbackup Opscenter Database Schema

Hello, Can anyone provide me a pdf format of the opscenter db schema. For some reason, am getting error 404 while trying to obtain a copy from my query editor. Thanks in advance.

Dollypee by Moderator
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How to upgrade Ops Center version

Dear Community,we are using the Ops Center 7.7 version we would like to know upgrade the version. How we can do this?Is there anyone has practice related to this ?Best RegardsTabriz

Tabriz by Level 5
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Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to copy reports created in a domain in OpsCenter and transfer/copy them to another domain or would I have to create them all from scratch?

danguss by Level 4
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Report data report backed up in 1 year - Opscenter 9.0

Hello, What report should I use to obtain the information of the data backed up during the past year divided into months, for example January 2020 150TB, February 160TB, the idea is to know how much the size of the total monthly backup has increased ...

robertoaxity by Moderator
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OPS Center sql query for Policy reports

can someone help me to get ops center report for active policies in below format. ? Client NamePolicy NamePolicy TypeBackup SelectionScheduleFrequencyRetention 

AljoCC by Level 1
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Log4j Vulnerability on OPS Center

Facing the Log4j Vulnerability on OPS Center. Any suggestion to fix itC:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\gui\opscenter.war!/WEB-INF/lib/log4j-core-2.11.0.jar contains Log4J-2.x >= 2.10.0 _VULNERABLE_ :(C:\Program Files\Symantec\OpsCenter\gui\webserv...

OpsCenter without information from the previous month

OpsCenter without information from the previous monthHello everyone,Since January 3, I have had a problem with the OpsCenter reports. It does not show me older information. I can only see information from 12-29-2021.Has this happened to anyone before...

Job Protected Size - Totaled by month

How can I get a report out of OpsCenter that will provide me with the Job Protected Size and is totaled by month? I sure wished OpsCenter was easier to get information OUT OF. :) 

DPeaco by Moderator
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Opscenter - total monthly backup

Hello, Can you help me to obtain the total monthly backup information?Can you help me to know how much longer I can continue to backup if I continue to support in the current wayCan you help me to know if if the jobs that were retried ended well or b...

robertoaxity by Moderator
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Opscenter Analytics know issues in 9.1

hello All,we re planning to upgrade OCA from 8.2 to 9.1. are there any known issues/bug which in real prod environments which we need to watch out for. Anyone experienced

Azhar4 by Level 4
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Report on all data backed up by policies

Good Afternoon all,I have been asked to report on all data backed up via policies an a per policy basis. We have OpsCenter in our environment. I have found a template that does the top 10 policies I want to change this to include all policies. This i...

Regarding to the disk pool report of the Opscenter

Regarding to the disk pool report, if select the time period for generating the report, and finally display the result as a value. Why is the time period selected here and what does it mean? I think this place should choose a single time to point out...

Opscenter_disk pool_custom_absolute time frame.png
marsgj by Level 0
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OpcCenter repository migrate to other DB engine

hi guys !our OpcCenter is version 8.3, Opscenter Database is Sybase running on Windows 2016.Can we migrate OpcCenter repository to other DB engine running on other machine Linux or Windows?how to do it?thank you

habad by Level 2
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