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Resolved! Antivirus exclusion on opscenter server

Hi Team,  Please suggest if any file/folder or .exe needs to exclude from antivirus scanning running on opscenter server (server1) and opscenter agent server (master server). Netbackup and opscenter version - platform - windows 2012  AV -...

Brits by Level 6
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Resolved! Upgrade Opscenter from to 7.6.1

Hi   Current environment: Master server running on Redhat Linux 6 with NBU version Opscenter running on Windows 2008 server with opscenter version   We have totally over 7 Master server in our environment with either or ...

Resolved! Double entries in OpsCenter report

Hi, The job primary id is shown always several times and I would like to eliminate this duplication! I have so far not found any useful hints. thanks for any suggestions ....   regards, Juan

Resolved! Opscenter -SQL Query to list the directories

Hi , Please help me in getting the directories list ,client name and their pre-post de-duplication from opscenter using the SQL query. I was trying with the below query (tried myself using other forums) and not aware how to get output from two tabl...

Resolved! OpsCenter - Servers Not Backed Up Report

Does anyone know how to create a daily report of clients or policies that did not run in the past 24 hours?  I had 4 policies that were apparently corrupt and had not run as scheduled for almost a month before I caught it.  Actually, a restore reques...

rsamora by Level 5
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Need Assistance with setting up Monitor View Only

I have been tasked with using a dashboard to view netbackup opscenter for daily success rates.   I would like to setup a view to where the user who logs in only can view the monitor screen, with the job summary pie chart.  I dont want the user to be ...

Disable monitoring (SCOM) during defragmentation

Hi, As per the Performance and Tuning Guide for OpsCenter, I have defragmented the database manually. I want to set it up to be done automatically though. The issue with automatic defragmentation is that the server running OpsCenter is monitored by ...

X2 by Moderator
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Resolved! Ops Manager Daily Failed job report

Ops Manager Daily Failed job report We have a master server based in Europe and a couple of media servers in different region. I need to generate a daily failed job report per media server rather than per master server. This will enable me to rechar...

yobole by Level 6
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OpsCenter not wrking properly

Hi All, We are facing some issues with our OpsCenter server 1. OpsCenter will stop working at 3.00am in the morning when the data purge starts, meaning it will not generate alerts. I am able to access the webconsole and all the services will be up ...

Cyril_J by Level 2
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Client Count Report

Friends, I do not know if I am missing something, but I could not find the type of report I need. I am using OpsCenter running on Windows Server 2012R2. I need a report that will give me a list and count of the clients for a specific Maste...

Resolved! ops center & ops center analytics

Hi Team,  As per ops center doc , ops center server is free software and ops center analytics is licensed software. i just wanted to know the installation software is same for both ops center server & ops center analytics or both have different sof...

Brits by Level 6
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OpsCenter Sending Mail, No Data Per SMTP Server?

Hello,  Still in the learning stages of NetBackup, but also in the process of setting up alerts for the first time. I've setup a couple of example alerts around thresholds for failed jobs, and for job successes and failures, so there's a good deal o...

sav2880 by Level 2
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Resolved! Ops Server can't comunicate whit Master Server

Hi,    my OPS Center did not communicate whit Master (have work fine for 4 years). I've tried to remove and add master but i have this error message OpsCenter-10905:Action not permitted. Please verify that the OpsCenter host is listed in NetBacku...