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What is Replication Exec?

What does this product do?
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Re: What is Replication Exec?

Well, it is VERITAS Storage Replicator under a new name. It is available for Windows only, and is now wrapped up in the Backup Exec Suite.

Why is it called "Replication Exec"? Well, because it can now link (through a new technology called SmartLink) to Backup Exec, and Storage Exec (formally called VERITAS StorageCentral). So, when Storage Exec finds the disk quota is goind to fill up, it will call Backup Exec to do the backup, relocate the data to somewhere, and trigger Replication Exec to replicat all the files to a different location for safe keeping.

Everything is linked up and automated. I think that is the idea.

This web site below tells you all the stories about it.