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Managing Profile with Space Allocation Policy

Level 2
Hi all,
I am looking to manage users roaming login profiles stored on the server and am hoping for some advice on doing this or the possible reason for the problems I am having. 
I have created a storage policy on the  \\servername\profiles\ share and set it to auto detect folders.  I have set the limit to 50Mb for the profile folder size and if the user goes over this they will receive a alert through email advising how to reduce there profile size.  The problem is once they have reduced there Login profile size and logout (so it writes the smaller profile back to the server) they still get one more email saying they are over the limit when they next login even though they aren't.  Why would this happen?
I am desperate to start managing user profiles to keep the server space usage down and help users have a quick login.  
Any advice on how others do it or how to resolve my issues would be a great help? 
Many Thanks and Regards

Level 4
Just a thought.
Could this be because of the threshold notifications that are set in Storage Exec. There are 5 levels of threshold emails that can be configured
ie: even if the user has gone under the quota they may still be over a certain threshold set.