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BESR 2010 | Exchange 2007 SP1 Backup | DB DirtyShutdown State

Exchange 2007 SP1
Windows 2008 SP1
BESR 2010 Server Edition

We are backing up the Whole Exchange Server onto a RDX Drive - all good, backs up fine.
I have done test restores successfully, I can convert Backups to Hyper-V VHDs successfully (Which is what I use for a test restore)

We have circular logging enabled on our Exchange Storage groups ( First and Second Storage Group)

In Event logs we see, no logs can be truncated, when (after restoring in Hyper-V) I check the databases status it's in a "Dirty Shutdown State".

Any thoughts on how to get this in a clean state ? I know that we can run ese util commands to bring it into clean state but what do you think is stopping BESR to stamp the exchange DB itself when it gets backed up ?

Kind Regards

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If you want the logs

If you want the logs truncated, you need to use the 'Perform full VSS backup' option (see advanced section in backup job properties).

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Hi Chris Thanks for a prompt

Hi Chris

Thanks for a prompt response, Forgot to mention, I already have that option checked in Job Properties > Advanced

I was more inclined towards the fact that we have circular logging enabled on both of the Storage groups.

Any thoughts ?

HI Chris or anyone ?

It's been 5 days, any body any thoughts :)

will be grateful for your insight / suggestions on this and as to why this is happening ? even though I have been backing up via the vssful option.

Kind Regards