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Useful Veritas System Recover 22 - Links

Release Notes for Veritas System Recovery 22 : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 Readme : v22.0Veritas System Recovery 22 Licensing Guide : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 User's Guide : v22.0Veritas™ System Recovery 22 Manager Readme : v22.0Veritas™...

klauskresnik by Moderator
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'How To' videos for Veritas System Recovery (VSR)

How to backup to Azure using Veritas System Recovery: How to backup to Amazon S3 using Veritas System Recovery: How to perform a Bare Metal restore using Veritas ...

criley by Moderator
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Ransomware - Encrypted backups

Hi Guys,one of the servers have been hit with ransomware, they have encrypted all files and folders including the last good backup, there is no offsite backup and this is the real only hope to get our info back.The backup was done the night before th...

hbpau by Level 1
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System recovery E-Mail notifcation

I use system recovery version 21. If I want to sent an e-mail notification to more than one recipient only the last e-mail-adress get the notification. I separate the adresses with "; " what i have to do to that everybody get the e-mail? Who can help...

Backup Vs Ransomware : Data Protection and Revival

Ransomware is spreading across the globe like a wildfire. It has hit many and most of the critical services including Government and Finance sectors. While at it most of the users are concerned about how to protect their data and systems against such...

Automate / Script System Recovery Policy Creation

Hi Gurus,Would like to seek for your advice regarding our current situation - deploy VSR 2016 on 3 sites with about 80 - 200 machines each. No VSR central management. Backup will be dumped to shared drive.We've gone past the installation part, but I ...

elaguni by Level 4
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Hot Swap - Lost disk format?

In my desktop PC I have an hot swap adapter. This allow me to have two or more hard drives with the same drive letter say "E:" Most of the time I use the hot swap for different groups of files (Movies on one drive, Books on a different) and the drive...

TenOC by Level 4
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SR 2013 R2 Windows 10 Restore - Windows Validation Fail

Hi. Have SR 2013 R2 SP4 running on SSD running Windows 10 Pro. Windows 10 was an upgrade on Win 7 Pro. Want to migrate to new Harware. Full Backup taken and stored on 2nd hard drive.   Installed NEW SSD and transferred 2nd drive to new PC. Ran...

Shite by Level 3
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System Recovery 2013 R2 - Service Pack 6 now available!

System Recovery 2013 R2 Service Pack 6 is now available. New features in SP6 include support for Symantec Management Platform (SMP) 8.0, SharePoint 2016 and Amazon S3 Cloud Storage support for Offsite Copy. For more details, please refer to the rel...

criley by Moderator
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Resolved! No DVD option for SSR 2013 r2 Recovery Disk?

Finally got the latest version installed (I think) it's 3am, and I'm about to tear what's left of my hair out.   Set and ran my first backups, but when I tried to create a recovery disk, I only get the options to save to either of my USB hard drive...

Resolved! How do I install SP4/5

I have just upgraded to Windows 10. I can see the zipped patch files on my licence page, but when I down load what I think is the right file, I can't see anyway to install it no convenient install.exe file?

Backing Up Exchange 2010

We have SSR 2013 r2 installed on our Exchange Server 2010 on Windows Server 2012 r2.   We currently have three volumes on it. One volume for the exchange databases(Y:\), another one for the exchange logs(Z:\) and the last for the system(C:\).    ...

Recovering DLT Tapes

Hi... I hope someone can help me. Is there a software that can recover the contents of a DLT tapes? I've tried using encase with no success. Please Help.   Lto 6 tapes