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File and Folder Backup & Recovery Management

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I have been using SSR 2013 R2 for a few years now.  Prior to that I was an old Ghost user for many years.  I have been using SSR for drive backup and recovery and it has saved my a** several times. 

I am starting to use File and Folder backups to work with individual files and folders.  It works well, but I see no way to manage File and Folder backup destinations.  In fact when you delete a File and Folder backup job, there is no option to delete the File and Folder backup destination data nor does it remove the backup destinations from the File and Folder recovery process. Those destinations seem to stay there forever, unless you take the drastic option of wiping out ALL SSR history and starting over. 

And there is NO way that I can find to manage File and Folder backup destinations and data (like you can with drive backups).  If the only way to do that is by wiping out all existing history and starting over then there is something very wrong with File and Folder backups.  Also it is not possible to add an offsite copy to a File and Folder backup job.

Am I missing something here?  David


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You are right; the functionality available for file/folder based backups is very limited compared to volume-level backups.

I almost always recommend volume-level backups since this is what System Recovery does really well. Is there a particular reason why you want to use file/folder backups?

Although it is possible to protect everything with volume level backup, there are times when you might want to use a file/folder backup. For example, when you are using one of the volume backup destination drives to store some data.  Here you wouldn't want to do a volume backup of the destination disk, just backup the files/folders.  All the limitations of the file/folder backup can be worked around with the exception of not being able to get rid of file/folder destinations;  they hang around forever.  That's definitely not good.