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Help with recovery V2I

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Hello All,

I've dug out an old hard drive from a failed NAS. I've managed to rebuild the array and recover all of the data. This was used to store a backup of our old server which is long gone.

Are there any ways I can mount/access/recover any of this data? I can't remember the details but believe this was the setup:

Windows 2008 SBS
Symantec Backup Exec 2010 (Possibly R2 :S)

The files that I've recovered are:

Then a folder which is named DMC (our old domain controller), inside the folder there is:
DMC_C_Drive058.v2i (large file, 360GB - guessing this is an image? can it be mounted?)

Inside is another folder called "File Backup Data", which has lots of subfolders named "fbfFiles_fa"

I've tried some of the methods on the forums, like using Ghost browser but haven't had any success. Any pointers would be appreciated, I don't want to recover the server just access the files.

Thanks :)


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I've moved your post from the Backup Exec forum to the System Recovery forum since this is the product that would have been used for the original backup.

Yes, you can mount the v2i file and then access the contents. Download and install a trial version of VSR 18 ( Machine will need rebooting after install. Once that is done, you should be able to right-click on the v2i file and choose the mount option - this will mount the backup as a temporary volume.

Thanks for the reply, how do you know that System Recovery was used originally? I was sure I was using Backup Exec....

I've tried what you suggested and no cigar, I'm getting this error:

Error EC8B000B: File \\Vboxsvr\c_drive\DMC_C_Drive058.v2i does not exist or is invalid

I'm using a Win Server 2008 virtual machine and the file is stored on a network drive. I can't see that causing the issue however will copy it over and test again tomorrow.

I know the files in-tact/good as it's passed all the checks after the array had rebuilt, all other files stored are also fine.


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Thanks for the reply, how do you know that System Recovery was used originally? I was sure I was using Backup Exec....

The product used to be called Backup Exec System Recovery. System Recovery is the only product we have that creates v2i files.

Based on that error, it sounds as though the image file may be corrupted in some way. Is this the only backup you have of that volume?