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Windows Server 2019 VSR not installing (v23 and 18 both)

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Good day everyone. We have a Windows Server 2019 standalone server at this time which has Hyper-V and Bitdefender Gravityzone Premium antivirus/EDR installed. No domain, no other services. Just building it up test some systems. Has Windows updates installed, is Activated Windows. 

For some reason we cannot get VSR version 23 to install. Seems to start installing but then just disappears. 18 was first, then I researched and saw 18 was not compatible with 2019 . So I downloaded and tied to install v23 (trial) and it acts the same way. Starts to install for approx 30% of the green bar then disappears. 

Tried to go into the folders and start install there instead of using the "browser" but that doesn't work either. 

Btw, I am not running the install in a terminal session. I am however running it in a remote control by ITarian ---- it is basically the console. 

Please can someone offer any guidance on what to try?

Thank you




Please checkout these four useful install-related technotes - hopefully one of them will be of some help:

System Recovery (SSR and VSR) Installer fails with error: _Setup has stopped working or a screen "Loading the install. Please Wait..." disappears suddenly. 

'Some files used for the Veritas System Recovery installation are corrupt' message is seen when attempting installation on a machine without an internet connection. 

Install, upgrade or update process of System Recovery 18 Service Pack 3 / 4 or System Recovery 21 hangs. 

System Recovery 21 or later installation may fail or the machine may enter Recovery mode after installation under the environment where Windows update is not run. 


Note these links were originally posted by Akihiro and can be found in the following pinned post: 

In your case the top one sounds the most likely solution.