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VOX DC interviews: Senior Principal Software Engineer, Dhanashri Phadke


I recently spoke with Veritas Senior Principal Software Engineer, Dhanashri Phadke, to learn more about her background and role at Veritas and identify the details of her work that drive her. Below, please see highlights from our conversation, and freely connect with Dhanashri here, in the Developers’ Community on VOX, @Dhanashri.

What drives you professionally?

I am passionate about harnessing the power of data to innovate and create business value. My interests span multiple connected areas like information management, green technologies, data science, and machine learning. On the personal front, I have been blessed with mentors who have helped nurture and shape my career and I strive to pay it forward by my involvement in women’s conferences and STEM initiatives.

Please share a question that routinely arises in your work.

Veritas is a custodian of large amounts of important data – especially since it caters to 86% of the Fortune 500 customers. Working closely on customer problems, I have often wondered, “How can we use data to provide insights and enable better decisions for our Customers?”

Tell those of us in the VOX DC a bit about your professional background.

I started my professional career in India as a Software Engineer and have been working in the field of information management since then. I joined Veritas in 2009 and have been working on Information Management for NetBackup. Veritas has provided me with amazing professional growth opportunities, and over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with the CTO group on the application of data science and machine learning capabilities for Backup Failure Prediction, NetBackup Renewals and Telemetry-as-a-service.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to represent Veritas and speak at Veritas Vision, Grace Hopper, Voices, and internal Cutting Edge conferences on Preventative Maintenance, Green Meter (patent) and share my experiences from being part of the Customer Focus Team. I have benefitted from initiatives like Women at Veritas Empowered programs that support the professional and leadership development of women employees.

And that brings us here – Dhanashri has been part of the engineering efforts building Veritas’ next-generation products, focusing on its oncoming data representation and prediction efforts to assess customer data and predict usage and associated management needs. Her background in Veritas’ customer problems makes her uniquely capable of identifying and addressing their interests and needs, and we are grateful to have her voice representing engineering talent at Veritas in the VOX DC.