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Meet the Recruiter: Sabrina Clark—Americas Technical Recruiter currently hiring positions

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I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sabrina Clark, Senior Recruiter, Customer Success, who has been with Veritas for two years and two months. I wanted to learn about her experience and what she looks for in an applicant.

First job: My first non-corporate job was as a proof operator at a bank where I encoded checks. The role entailed auditing many checks in a timed environment. This experience taught me that details are vital. For example, you may need to work two additional hours if you are off by even two pennies.

First corporate job: I was a mainframe programmer/developer at Monsanto. I loved the job and the people, but I would not say I liked the location. St. Louis has freezing weather. After working at Monsanto for four years, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where I found another mainframe programmer role. I then became a recruiter by working for an agency recruiter, capitalizing on my technical background, and degree in information systems. Then, I  quickly learned the ins and outs of the recruiter role. I was thrilled with this decision because I wanted more human interactions in my work. As a recruiter, I get to interact and impact different people each day.

Fun fact: I live in Florida, love the beach, and go often but do not know how to swim.

Describe your role, responsibilities, and experience at Veritas:

As a recruiter, my tasks vary each day. It can range from sourcing and screening candidates by phone and often consulting with the hiring managers about the position they need to fill. Then I submit the candidate profile to the managers for review to proceed with interviews. I follow up on interview feedback with the interview teams and relay that to the candidates. Next, we extend an offer and revise and negotiate the desired salary. Lastly, about 15% of my time is spent providing onboarding support to candidates.

What is your favorite aspect of working at Veritas?

Hiring people is my passion because it makes candidates happy to find their next journey and closing requestions makes hiring managers happy because they to grow their teams with each new hire. My goal is to make it a wonderful experience for everyone involved. My favorite benefit/peak at Veritas is unlimited vacation time and 401K matching.

What has been the most impactful lesson(s) you have learned as you progress your career? 

Being a good listener is key. It allows you to understand the objections you need to overcome and enables you to re-think how you can approach a situation or person on a specific topic.

Listen more and talk less.

You are currently hiring; what are the most in-demand skills you recruit?

Customer service experience and people skills are essential in the roles I need to fill. Often, technical skills in the Customer Success organization can be taught on the job. If someone is lacking in communication and listening skills, that is much harder to teach. We can teach the technical aspect of a role to someone who is willing to learn, but it is a lot harder to change a person’s attitude and behavior.  

What top three tips would you give to someone who wants to apply for a role or submit their resume to you?

  1. Please check your resume for typos and grammar errors–details are especially important.
  2. Limit your resume to one page, place the most relevant experiences on your resume; you don’t need to include everything.
  3. If you want to transition into a role in customer success, networking is key. I recommend learning and talking to as many people in that space as possible and asking for job shadowing opportunities. The role of customer success may vary with each company to which you apply.

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