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VOX DC interviews: Senior Principal Software Engineer, Suchitra Herwadkar


At a company with a compelling background like Veritas Technologies, sometimes you have the opportunity to meet those who have guided its products and services through numerous development cycles, over many years; with sixteen years’ experience developing software solutions for Veritas’ NetBackup, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Suchitra Herwadkar, is an integral part of #TeamVtas.

Read highlights from my interview with Suchitra, below, and reach out to her here in the VOX Developers’ Community, @Suchitra_Herwad.

Please share some details on your background with Veritas.

I began at Veritas fresh out of college in 2001 with a focus on systems development – my first Computer Science interest. While I started in the Backup Exec group, I quickly transitioned to NetBackup after about a year and a half, in 2003. I’ve been with NetBackup ever since, and I love that the work never fails to be intriguing. I’ve worked across different areas within NetBackup, from User Interface and Bare Metal Restore (Disaster Recovery Solution), to Microsoft Applications & Database Agents.

Recently, my primary interest has been integration points with NetBackup, or plugins, that intelligently address different cloud workloads, and with a focus on the customer experience.

How did you get into Computer Science?

My father was an avid reader and learner, generally; he sought to understand programming using the early Windows operating system. He used to demonstrate and explain to us all that he tried and all he could see – the upcoming trends in this field. His efforts created an interest in computers for my sister and me; I went into programming while my sister has focused professionally on electronics.

Even as early as 9th grade I can remember wondering, “What can I accomplish with this computer?”

The future at Veritas is bright – how would you like to be a part of Veritas’ future?

I want to continue learning as I progress in my career and appreciate that this is a part of the culture of Veritas. I want to continue being challenged and must remind myself to look beyond the operations to the potential – the innovation.