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VOX DC interviews: Senior Web Developer, Andrew Tae


I am routinely impressed by the professional prowess of my colleagues at Veritas, and one among them who comes to mind when speaking of collaboration is Andrew Tae. A Senior Web Developer on Veritas’ Brand Experience team, Andrew is a project partner to many teams across the company’s global offices.

Known for his thoughtful demeanor and attention to the details most meaningful to the project, I’m hopeful my interview with Andrew distills some of what makes him a uniquely awesome collaborator. Below, see highlights from our conversation!

What drives you professionally?

The opportunity to bring ideas from the minds of my fellow collaborators into pixel perfect representations on the screen is what keeps me going.

I am currently working on what we call the Veritas Slider among the web development team. It’s a smart carousel that balances what we can accomplish with cutting-edge technologies and more stable ones through I love this project because it is interactive with Veritas Solutions teams and our customers, and even has features which help our engineers ultimately understand how they can create better products using data captured from interaction with the digital tool.

I also partner with the Social and Community team at Veritas to support the VOX Community. Because VOX is a social environment, we are able to see the results of our work quickly; I appreciate witnessing the positive outcome of a new VOX Community following its launch, knowing our team helped to build it.

What brought you to Veritas?

Believe it or not, I started in IT! From my first experiences in the field, I knew I wanted to work in a medium I could actually display to my family and friends, and web development seemed like a natural evolution.

I applied to App Academy’s three-month-long boot camp and was accepted. And while those three months were taxing, I was able to graduate from App Academy and apply for a role at Veritas Technologies. As you can see, I got the job!

A large part of what brought me to Veritas was the opportunity to take an established idea and to represent it in a different light. Veritas is in a unique position where many procedures are established and secure within the company, yet there is still ample opportunity to experiment with the latest technologies to make lasting impacts. This quality is what sold me on the job!

At what age did you first begin using a computer?

Comically, I started using a computer at age seven, playing with GeoCities, and I’ve sort of been the IT representative among my family ever since.

That brings us here – Andrew’s dedication to his projects and Veritas teams across the company is a part of what makes him uniquely capable of addressing their needs in his web development efforts.

And we are grateful to have his voice representing engineering talent at Veritas in the VOX DC. Freely connect with him here, on VOX, @Atae.