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Lack of product feedback

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@rkingsland With regards to the lack of product feedback/feature request or whatever you want to call it... Come on Veritas! You have a big job and opportunity here, to convince the community that you are more capable and willing to listen to and engage with the community, than Symantec weren't.

I asked one of your support engineers on a case, just a couple of days ago, regarding a need for the product to be enhanced (you say enhanced, I say fixed) and, apart from the fact that the engineer had no idea what VOX was (!!!???) he sent me a link to the old Symantec Connect Ideas forum, for product ideas?

This is not a good start to the proceedings.

We need to be able to ask you guys to improve or fix the product and it would appear that your engineers need to be engaged more directly, with head office, in the US.

PS: Symantec were never able to get Symantec into their forum spellchecker. I issue Veritas with a challenge... Let's see if you can get Veritas and perhaps even VOX into yours! It's a small, but slightly embarrassing thing, when your own forum software can't spell your own names or brands... Yea, I'm one of those their, they're, there kinda guys...


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Also related to IDEAS section ..... 

Really no big loss IMHO as Ideas section was where all good ideas came to die.

None of the Symantec/Veritas Product Managers have visited the IDEAS section in years.

The only way to request product enhancements is to get directly in touch with Product Management via the local Veritas SE.
Support seems to be unaware of this route....