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Veritas Vox: Where product ideas and feedback posts come to die...

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When one of your customers posts an idea or feedback regarding a problem in the product that then gets 27 Kudos votes, over a three year period (Yes, it's an oldie, but a goodie!) (Including votes from forum heavyweights/regulars) and the vast majority of comments agree that the problem clearly identified as acknowledged and deeply, deeply frustrating and eye-roll-worthy, for all involved. How is it that the same thread gets absolutely no response from Veritas, despite the Kudos activity and cries of "Shame on you", "Boo!" and "Help!"?

What else do forum posters need to do to get your attention?

I have goats and chickens at the ready and the full moon is almost upon us, but I hope it doesn't come to that.*

Here's the post:

* No animals were or will be harmed as a result of this post... :)


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Thanks for the Monday laugh!!! :) That said, there is already a request here for an Ideas section, but some feel that the Ideas section was never taken seriously. Not sure about the product requests for any particular product, but there were enhancements made to Connect (1 of them mine) so people WERE looking at it. At least if an Ideas section exists, you have a forum to get your point across. Thanks!

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My experience has been the same -  that NONE of the Symantec/Veritas Product Managers (ALL products) have visited the IDEAS section on Connect over the last couple of years.

I have also commented on this in these 2 discussions:

Lack of product feedback 

IDEAS section

There were also 2 enhancement requests in NetBackup forum recently.
I have asked the EMEA Product Manager to please reply:

Need a script option for log backups to skip datab...

We would like to have Transport type for VMware an... 


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I would like to invite Veritas CTO, Steve Vranyes ( @svranyes ) to engage with us and perhaps tell us how Veritas intends to differentiate itself from Symantec’s approach, with regards to direct product feedback, from its customers…

Steve’s post, announcing VOX, stated: “Core to our belief in how this is best done is engagement with customers from beginning to end. VOX will be central to this engagement.”

Over to you Steve…

Well, @svranyes hasn't even checked in to VOX since August last year. This is a key indicator as to how "“Core to our belief in how this is best done is engagement with customers from beginning to end. VOX will be central to this engagement.” is just words and not actions...

Very disappointing @svranyes, very disappointing...