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Let's Kick Off this AI Conversation

Level 1

Hey would love to get the conversation started.  Throwing this out there to get started. I really was so inspired after I listened to this wonderful interview on Armchair Expert with Mustafa Suleyman. He is an artificial intelligence researcher, co-founder of DeepMind, and author of the "The Coming Wave". His life story is fascinating. So worth the listen for that alone but also he paints the picture of why AI has become such a sudden reality of our lives with his explanation of growth. He frames that for the last 10 years the AI models have been growing at 10x and they will continue to grow at that rate.  We are already in the "incomprehensible"numbers that have large amount of zeros, so when they grow 10x, that is hard for the human brain to even comprehend.

Do you have some compelling content that has inspired you on all things AI?  If so please share and discuss it here.