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Announcing the Veritas Information Professional (VIP) Award Program


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On behalf of Veritas, I am delighted to announce the launch of the Veritas Information Professional (VIP) Award Program.

 The VIP Award Program recognizes technical industry leaders who make outstanding contributions – sharing their knowledge and perspective within VOX, and other professional communities.

As a part of this announcement, we’ve extended invitations to 28 individuals, asking them to join the Veritas 2017 – 2018 VIP Program, and carry the distinguished VIP title.

And in the extension of the VIP Program invitations, we are honoring those individuals who have demonstrated an exemplary presence and voice, on VOX and beyond, over the last year. We are grateful for their continued dedication to the VOX community, and for the efforts by all VIP awardees in building the knowledge available to VOX users across the globe.

For details pertaining to program, visit the VIP community in VOX.

As a part of the designation of the VIP title, our award recipients are receiving the following benefits as a show of Veritas’ gratitude:

  • Invitations to private Veritas and VIP events and programs
  • Opportunities to speak at Veritas events, and lead technical discussions/workshops at Veritas global events and Solution days
  • Designations and special access within the VOX community, including the showcase of their role on behalf of Veritas
  • Access to support personnel and product teams via the VOX team

Again, I want to thank our 2017 – 2018 VIP awardees – thank you for helping VOX become a trusted source of technical conversations and understanding for Veritas customers, partners, and employees.

 Tyler Welch – Director of Communites 

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