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VRA business value.

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Veritas Risk Advisor (VRA) is a Service Availability risk detection tool.

VRA help enterprise customers to achieve the highest levels of IT readiness and resiliency, and thus, reduce the risk of downtime and data loss.

VRA ensure service availability and recoverability, by eliminating hidden resiliency risks that can lead to painful IT incidents, service outages and data loss, across all IT layers.

Business challenges

Enterprise organizations need to perform frequent changes in their IT configuration (service packs and hotfix installations, storage capacity updates, hardware and software refresh, etc.), also known as Configuration Drifts.

Complexity is increased since those IT changes are handled by multiple teams, with ever-changing technology evolution, and changes in technologies best-practices.

Therefor it is extremely difficult to validate the readiness level and quality of IT configuration changes.

This is where VRA provides a significant value.

Methodology and business value

VRA make sure the IT environment meets availability and resiliency objectives, at all times through daily validation of IT configuration.

VRA automatically detects the configuration of HA, Private Cloud infrastructure and DR, using agent-less technology.

It measures the readiness level, configuration quality, and risk of the IT infrastructure, using a pre-configured knowledgebase with over 7,000 vendor-best practices and configuration risk signatures.

VRA then provides detailed report of IT configuration and resiliency risks, and detailed recommendations for corrective actions.

VRA assists in:

  • improving the reliability of production HA, Cloud infrastructure and DR - serving as the foundation for an IT Operational Excellence practice
  • proactively detecting configuration risks and optimization opportunities - providing clear, actionable remediation steps
  • reducing IT Operations overhead associated with incidents firefighting
  • improving collaboration between different IT silos


VRA covers Veritas equipment, as well as other vendor’s solutions and platforms. It covers different IT environments, including: Clusters, Virtualization, Replication, Operating Systems, Storage, and Databases from all major vendors.