EP62: The Access Appliance: Flexibility of Software Defined Storage and Appliance Ease of Use

In this Voice of Veritas podcast episode, we’re digging into the truth in Information. Roger Stein, Solutions Marketing, Veritas, interviews Sreeharsha (Harsha) Sarabu, Product Management, Veritas, exploring the latest insight into the Veritas Access Appliance. 

Why is Veritas offering a storage appliance for long term retention? Customers need the flexibility of software-defined storage but want the ease of use of an appliance. Harsha and Roger dig in to the need for simplicity and how the Access Appliance provides the benefits of software defined storage and appliances. 

What differentiates the Access Appliance from the competition? Here are the top three reasons to choose Access Appliance:

  1. Value: Cost Effective Solution
  2. Integrated: End-to-End Optimized Solution
  3. Performance


Tune in to the podcast to get the insights from Roger and Harsha. To learn more on the Veritas Access Appliance, click here.



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