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Appliance 5240 re-imaged as primary server failed

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I have a veritas appliance (no flex) 5240. It was a media server but it already decomissioned and I want to re-use it as primary server.

I launched a "factory reset" and installed the ISO "NetBackup_Appliance_5.3_ML.iso" successfully. I configured the network and the name properly but when I launch the command "Main_Menu > Appliance > Primary" fails with this error:

"Unable to configure the appliance as a primary server. This appliance was configured as a media serer with the preserved storage. Re-image the appliance again and configure it as a media server to reuse the preserved storage"

I can't reset the storage because I don't see any option in the menu.

Does someone any clue? Thanks in advance.  


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you have to reset the storage before re-image the appliance.


  • Main_Menu > Support > FactoryReset  (you can select to reset the storage at the same time)
  • Main_Menu > Support > Storage Reset  (do it if you had not select storage reset with factory reset or do it anyway)
  • re-image the appliance

After re-image, use the appliance webUI to configure the appliance as a master server. You can do it from CLISH but WEBUI is easier


Hello StefanosM. Thanks but:

  • Main_Menu > Support > FactoryReset  (you can select to reset the storage at the same time)

         I did it but the storage wasn't reset. That option didn't appear in the process, even if I lauched "FactoryReset All"

  • Main_Menu > Support > Storage Reset 

         This option doesn't appears. 



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I have not performed a reset on a 5.x appliance. It seems that they changed the commands.

Reading the manual, you will be asked about the storage reset during the factory reset procedure.

Try it again, check every question asked, and if the storage is not reset, try the command
Main_Menu > Support > FactoryReset ResetAll


In "FactoryReset ResetAll" the step  "6) Storage configuration and backup data (optionally retain)"

is not shown, so I think the process didn't reset the storage.

Thanks for the documment, I already read it, the problem is after reading the documents, the steps or the options aren't the same that available ones in the appliance and I can't open a veritas case because the appliance is out of support. The VOX was my last hope... :) 

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hmmm, you have mentioned that you have tried to reset it via ISO, but it did not work.isn't that suppose to reset everything.we had a netbackup appliance and I have installed Flex on top of it and it worked like a charm.
what is the option do you get when you try to boot via ISO?
what is the version of the platform on top of the appliance currently?

Hello, the option selected when I rebooted the appliance with the ISO mounted in the CD-ROM is (if I remeber well) "install OS advanced for appliance". I'm trying to install the version 5.3.

I can't reinstall the appliance like a Flex because in the contract with veritas this appliance is standard and to changed it as Flex their authorization is needed. 

I think the appliance's role can't be changed without the Veritas' support. 

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5250 was mine and It was done without any issue, you can check with veritas sales /presales team.

did you check if the storage reset was there anywhere else, maybe under manage for example.