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Community Insights

Customers have been asking for a way to integrate Lenovo ThinkVantage Technologies into the Altiris centrally managed infrastructure. This white paper provides simple steps for combining and facilitating the strengths of ThinkVantage Technologies and the Altiris infrastructure. Now you can quickly manage your ThinkVantage Technologies with the provided sample scripts. The range of what you can do is nothing short of incredible as you tie together two proven solutions: the local native capabilities of ThinkVantage Technologies and the Altiris infrastructure, which allows you to manage and secure your environment.

By downloading the sample files described in this white paper and following the accompanying steps, administrators can centrally manage Lenovo ThinkVantage Technologies capabilities through the Altiris Console. This integration allows you to do simple but powerful time-saving tasks.

This integration between Altiris and Lenovo is just scratching the surface at the value that can be obtained by continuing to provide end users with deeper integration and benefits to help reduce an organization's total cost of ownership. By combining the Altiris management infrastructure and solutions with Lenovo ThinkVantage Technologies, businesses can achieve greater levels of cost reduction with increased automation of manageability processes.

Integration Examples