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To enable Minidumps / Crash Dumps in Windows XP using Dr. Watson, follow the process given below:

Go to START > RUN and type "drwtsn32" (without the quotes) at the prompt and click "OK". This will open the Dr. Watson utility.

Apply the following settings:
  • Crash Dump Type: Mini
  • Check "Dump Symbol Table", "Dump All Thread Contexts", & "Create Crash Dump File"
  • Set "Number Of Instructions" and "Number Of Errors To Save" to 50.
  • Uncheck "Append To Existing Log"

imagebrowser image

Please note the location of the Crash Dump path so you can find the minidump later and then click "OK"

Finally, reproduce your crash. This will save a Minidump file in the previously defined crash dump path location.

The typical file name is "xxxxx.dmp"

Level 4
thanks for the information..
by the way, where do we use this?
havent tried this before..
Level 3
You will need the Microsoft Debugger Tool to view these dmp files.
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could we have the MS debugger Paul..
Level 3
Here it is
Level 5
Employee Accredited
This helps in BSOD or hang cases
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Thanks Abhishek,

This information is very helpful in BSOD cases as Vikram mentioned.
Please keep sharing such info.....

Thanks :)
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