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BE 3600 / 3600 R2 came up on Win server 2008 R2, however this opeating system is harden and is customized to make it more secured.

By design, user is unable to perform an RDP session to Windows on Appliance. When an attempt is made to RDP in the appliance, it will accept credentials and immediately log off again by itself. 

To get it enabled, we normally need to enable it using certain powershell commands as mentioned in the document below :


Basic Requirements on the client machine : 

Powershell 2.0
Included in XP sp3 or higher
Needs to be installed on plain XP and Server 2003
This  Windows-based PowerShell interface allows users to perform basic network and host settings for the appliance.  However its recommended not to install any third party appliacation on this operating system. This can be only used when working in observation with Symantec Technician.
After enabling the RDP session to the Appliance, user can login the console.
How to disable RDP Session : 
1 . Once we log off from this, within 3 to 10 mins, the session gets disabled. Also, a reboot gets the RDP session disabled and one need to enabled it again using same technote.
2. To disable it manually , run the following exe : 
 C:\Program Files\Symantec\BEAppliance\BEApplianceshell\DisableRemoteDesktop.exe. 
Unable to disable RDP session : 
It has seen that some times, RDP session stays enabled even if we have logged off / restarted the appliance. Even after running the DisableRemoteDesktop.exe , it still stays enabled. 
The associated log file is :  SMBApplianceShell.log . 
Its located in logs folder for BE appliance. The default log location is :  C:\Program Files\Symantec\BEAppliance\Logs.
Double click on the  DisableRemoteDesktop.exe now. This would open a window and close it again. Check the log file if it 
has performed required activity. Logout the RDP session now and try to login again. 
Try and reboot the appliance if logout doesnt work.
In both the situations if it doesnt work, update Backup Exec and the appliance to latest patches and reboot it.
This has fixed the RDP issues as well. 
If it still doesnt get disabled, please contact Symantec Tech Support for further assistance.