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WinXP Image

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I need urgent help in modifying existing Win XP image. I am new to this role and has to complete this activity asap. I have got  one .gho and two .ghs image of Windows XP and a Win PE already created. I am able to create a bootable usb using Win PE USBbuild.bat file but when I am using this file to re-image. It says usb image is fat32 and OS image is NTFS and I do not get any error but it did not proceed further. Not sure how to go about this. Can someone provide me some urgent help on this please? Need to add some new models to this image and also need to share instructions on ow to create a bootable usb to download the image from the network. Thanks.




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Backup anything you need from the USB & reformat it to NTFS. If you don't see NTFS as an option you may need to enable 'Optimize for performance' in the drive properties within Device Manager.