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Improve business health and resilience with the Veritas Resiliency Platform


CIOs today continue to struggle to understand the true health of their IT operations and the recoverability of the applications and services that are the lifeblood of their business. Many have attempted to implement an IT resiliency strategy that includes robust recovery testing, but failure rates continue to be alarmingly high, much of the infrequently executed process remains manual, and preventable issues often crop up at the most inopportune times. At the core of this is lack of adequate visibility and the failure to reliably automate recovery testing across complex multi-vendor infrastructure. The Veritas Resiliency Platform provides the visibility and empowers you with the necessary capabilities for your strategy to succeed and keep your business is up and running.

Achieve Superior Visibility!

IT environments are often very complicated, with a mixture of solutions and platforms that somehow need to all work together. Each of these solutions typically has its own set of tools with different levels of detail and it can be near impossible to get a clear and current understanding of the interdependencies or recoverability status. The Resiliency Platform console provides you simplified application-centric visibility across your varied infrastructure and insight into the status of your sites and business critical configurations wherever they reside.

Global Dashboard


IT services are frequently spread across different tiers to better meet scale, performance, and cost objectives. While virtualization is pervasive, it still makes sense to run some applications on physical systems, and these are often some of the most critical to the business. It is especially challenging to coordinate across these different service tiers and be able to effectively visualize and recover the service as a whole.  Virtual Business Services simplifies the visibility and management of multitier IT services with automated start/stop orchestration and flexible recovery operations across sites.

Virtual Business Services


Getting visibility into your current status as compared to required IT Service Level Agreements is also a significant challenge. Sometimes only after a disruptive event does it become clear where your recovery objectives really stood relative to required service levels. The Resiliency Platform provides clear visibility and reporting for Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives so you can more predictably recover and prove out compliance as required.

Recovery Objectives


Recover with Confidence!

Frequent recovery testing is the key to achieving a successful recovery that meets stringent Service Level Agreements. Achieving this is something that organizations often aspire to, but far too often in IT organizations today recovery testing, if done at all, is largely a manual and error prone process. The Resiliency Platform simplifies and streamlines the testing process through automatable zero-downtime recovery rehearsals. It integrates with the infrastructure to spin up a network isolated copy of the application for testing that puts minimal load on technology and personnel resources. The Resiliency Platform enables you to execute tests at a much more frequent interval. This dramatically increases your ability to proactively find issues and have confidence that you will be able to recover successfully when the need arises.

Simplified Rehearsals


Additionally, the reporting capabilities of the Resiliency Platform allow you to easily stay informed of the history and results of testing and recovery operations.

With the combination of improved visibility and automated zero-downtime rehearsals, the Veritas Resiliency Platform helps ensure that your business stays up and running.

Try it out for yourself with a free 60 day trial and experience how the Veritas Resiliency Platform can give you true insight into the health of your business and improve the effectiveness of your IT Resiliency Strategy!