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Saving energy and cost with the Veritas Flex 5150

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Data created at edge locations and remote offices is critical to the success of an enterprise. Retail outlets, bank branches, engineering design centers, and remote laboratories create valuable data that these edge locations need to backup locally and have it periodically replicated to the central data center.

Since businesses depend on edge data for their success, the edge locations need to protect this data with the same enterprise-class data protection as in the data center. Companies need their edge data protected by NetBackup.

Protecting data in edge locations presents several challenges. Remote offices lack dedicated rooms or personnel to maintain IT equipment. A backup appliance must fit into a small closet or shelf. It must be simple to operate and maintain by people not trained in IT. It must also be economical to purchase and run.

One solution would be to use a small data center protection appliance in a remote office. But this is impractical and overkill for the edge. The device has more drives than needed, is physically too large, requires specialized IT support, and uses more energy than necessary.


Veritas designed the Flex 5150 specifically to run NetBackup in edge locations and remote offices. It is small and easy to maintain. It has just enough storage to collect data during working hours and replicate it back to the central data center in the evening. Additionally, it saves energy because Veritas sized the Flex 5150 for the smaller needs at the edge.

NetBackup deduplication technology physically reduces the amount of storage capacity needed to back up large amounts of data. With NetBackup deduplication, the Flex 5150 only needs 14TB of usable storage, to store new data created between periodic replications back to the central office. Since the Flex 5150 only replicates changes in deduplicated data, it minimizes the amount of data transmitted and allows the Flex 5150 to spend more time in an energy-saving state.

Individually each energy savings mentioned above may not be substantial, but together they are significant.

The NetBackup 5240 is the smallest appliance designed for the Enterprise core data center from Veritas. The Flex 5150 uses less than half the typical power consumption of the lowest configuration of the NetBackup 5240. Deploying a Flex 5150 in a remote office will save a significant amount of energy over its lifetime.

Veritas offers a family of appliances for data protection across the enterprise. An enterprise has multiple data protection use cases; the edge/remote office, core data center, and small and medium departments. With the Veritas family of appliances, an organization can deploy an appliance that is sized correctly, with the features needed for a specific workload and energy savings that ultimately translate into cost savings.