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Symantec Joins the OpenStack Foundation

OpenStack and Symantec

Symantec has joined the OpenStack Foundation as a corporate-level sponsor. In doing so, Symantec joins a vibrant consortium of OpenStack users, developers and other leading IT vendors including Cisco, HP, IBM, Rackspace and Red Hat, as well as many innovative emerging companies like Cloudscaling, Mirantis and Nebula that are helping shape the future of cloud computing.

On joining the consortium, Chief Operating Officer Mark Collier commented, "We are delighted to have Symantec as part of the OpenStack ecosystem.  We look forward to and welcome Symantec's contributions that leverage their expertise in critical areas including information security, availability and management, that will help advance the OpenStack cloud management platform."

What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is open source cloud management software.  It provides a common and standardized framework allowing users to abstract network, compute and storage resources.  OpenStack will allow customers to scale their network, compute and storage and build private or public cloud environments. 

Symantec's OpenStack Strategy

Customers and partners are interested to understand how they can begin to transition their traditional IT workloads and infrastructure to a more flexible and scalable private cloud environment or deploy new cloud-native applications with OpenStack.  However, security, resiliency and data protection are all areas of concern for organizations as they transition to cloud architectures.  These areas of concern have been core competencies of Symantec in the data center and support for OpenStack will allow organizations to make a smoother and safer transition to private and public clouds in the future.

OpenStack allows Symantec to leverage expertise in building and operating its own cloud infrastructure, and developing new offerings and services that enable and can be consumed by a broad range of partners and customers adopting OpenStack.  This will help organizations to avoid vendor lock-in as they move to private and public cloud deployments.  

Service providers, large enterprises and government customers are increasingly adopting open source in their IT infrastructures. Symantec's proactive engagement in OpenStack will help better dictate the "value line" of its offerings.  Over time, we will determine which features are being commoditized, achieve functional parity and deliver unique value across the spectrum of free native, as well as differentiated offerings.

This announcement represents another step in a longer journey Symantec shares with its customers and partners to build the cloud environment that is secure, highly available and protected. 

OpenStack Session at Vision

Symantec will be speaking about our OpenStack approach at Vision this year.  If you are attending Vision, please register for OpenStack and Storage Foundation Evolution happening on Thursday, May 8th from 9:00am to 10:00am.

In this session you will also hear how Amadeus is approaching and implementing OpenStack technology in their environment.    

Stay tuned for more on Symantec's progress with OpenStack in the coming months.