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BE 15 Delivers Day Zero Support for Microsoft Windows 10 Client

Level 3

Leading the pack and staying ahead of the game, Backup Exec 15 exceeds expectations delivering Zero Day support for Microsoft Windows 10 Client.

Just a few weeks back we released BE 15 Feature Pack 1 (FP1) with many improvements and new features.   And now with thousands of successful installations and fantastic feedback, we continue to focus on delivering real customer value and timely platform support.

With the release of FP1 we decided to double down with our Agile approach and in preparation for Microsoft’s announcement of Windows 10 Client.  We set out to lay the foundation to support Windows Client 10 and putting us in position to outpace our competitors.  Let me say until today (July 29th,2015), not one vendor could claim zero day support because Microsoft has been very busy delivering new daily builds and up until the very last minute.   Thus we needed to make sure the work that went into FP1 passed our stringent testing.  We did it!

For customers running BE 15.FP1 you are now able to protect any Windows 10 client machine both physical or virtual, simply pushing out the agent to the target machine.  Once installed you can easily backup and restore your valuable data hosted on a Windows 10 client machine.

Now that we have delivered basic support for Windows 10 client, we are off working on a few other important components including Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR), which at the moment you’ll need to follow the technote and run a manual disaster recovery. 


Question: Do you support an SDR restore?

Answer:  Not at this time.  Again, in the meantime please refer to the article which will guide you through the process.

Question: Can I do a full / incremental / differential backup and or restore to disk or tape?

Answer: Yes, and we support redirected restores also.

Question: Can I install the Remote Administrator Console for Backup Exec 15-FP1?

Answer: Yes, installing the Remote Administrator Console lets you administer the Backup Exec server from a remote Windows server or workstation.

Question: Is client / server side deduplicaton supported?

Answer: Yes, it has been tested and it is supported.

Question: How do I know if I have the latest version that supports Microsoft Windows 10 Client?

Answer: From your Backup Exec 15 server simply run live update and you’ll receive the latest update.  You can then push out and update the remote agent that will support Windows 10 Client.

Question: Does BE 15 support File GRT of  Windows 10 Client Virtual Machine?

Answer: Yes, in fact with the latest BE 15 FP1 update, we also support GRT for both Hyper-V and VMware environments.

For more details please visit our Backup Exec 15 Software Compatibility List (SCL)


We hope you are as excited as we are, and we look forward to continue delivering support for those things which make your job easier.

Go Veritas!