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Vegas, Vitamins and Veritas Cluster Server

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As you may recall, I was pretty salty about being denied access to Symantec’s Worldwide Technical Symposium and Partner Tech Engage Conference last October.

Well, I might have overreacted a teeny bit.

I was cordially invited to attend the Gartner Data Center Conference during the week of Dec. 3, 2012. With my metal shards glimmering like a thousand nebulas, attendees simply couldn't resist stopping to see me as they moved between the conference and expo halls. I imagine this is what every day feels like for a Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

It was truly an event for the high rollers. As one of the world’s leading IT research and advisory companies, Gartner assembles the A-Team of analysts to present the latest and greatest in the technology space several times each year.

Our big buzz phrase? Business continuity. And who better to tell you about it than the data center who – with the help of my partner, of course – kept a whole host of systems online while more or less BASE jumping without a parachute?

When I wasn’t showing off for conference participants, I listened in on Symantec Vice President Doug Matthews’ sessions about ways to ensure that business IT infrastructure runs smooth like buffed chrome – and keeps running that way.

The solution in this situation seems as simple as statistical analysis to me. Symantec products cover the basics of high availability, storage management, service levels, security from threats and malware, disaster recovery, and then some. You, savvy IT superstar, have probably spent enough time on this website to have figured that out already.

But you’d be surprised by how many users spend time and money to the nth degree trying to integrate a plethora of disparate point solutions. It’s like popping a fish oil capsule, munching a few cloves of raw garlic and then knocking it all back with an Ensure shake, rather than taking a single multivitamin. It’s counterintuitive and cumbersome, the exact opposite of how you envision the tech side of your operation.

Creating and implementing the business continuity package that meets your needs shouldn't feel like traversing Middle Earth on foot. Symantec’s products can be customized across both physical and virtual platforms to protect your business against unexpected setbacks, often caused by application failures, operational errors and other hardware or environmental factors.

Now you might be wondering, who or what is Sauron in this scenario? Following my incident in San Jose, I was certain that the fools in the marketing department were the only external threats that my kind had to worry about. Results from the 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report showed that 94 percent of stolen data is plundered from servers. As Doug explained, mobile threats, malware attacks, expanded target attacks and data breaches are our very formidable opponents.

Running Veritas Cluster Server is like swaddling your business’ servers in cloaks of invisibility. Symantec Critical System Protection can shield all levels of the vSphere environment and lock down when faced with targeted attacks.

Your applications and your data are safe with Symantec, so your business will keep on shining. Like me.