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0xe000fe30 - NDMP Communications Failure

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I get this every so often on a NDMP job.

The event viewer on the media server shows

"The job failed with the following error: The NDMP subsystem reports that a request cannot be processed because it is in the wrong state to service the request."

With the job erroring out with

"V-79-57344-65072 - A communications failure has occurred. Remote Agent not detected on netappclusterdevice:10000. "

I read this article

but states to update the agent, this is a NetApp Cluster with OnTap 8.2.2 so there is no agent. Yes, we currently backing up a cluster, with 95% success. We do have issues with this error being one.

Of course it won't detect a remote agent as it is a NDMP device. but if I had to guess it isn't detecting NDMP at all at that point right? also, if I just re-run the job it usually runs fine. I believe it usually happens when 4 NDMP jobs are running at once.


Anybody else experience anythig like this? just chekcing before I talk to


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...any sort of maintenance going on when this error occurs?


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A few things:  if you are running database jobs (like SQL,or Exchange) with flat files then separate them out into different jobs,  make sure you have virus scan exclusions for the Backup Exec processes, check Windows event logs for errors occurring during the backup window.

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To the best of our knowledge there is no maintenance.

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This is a volume on a netapp cluster, there is no virus scan and no sql install. a true NDMP dump. Sorry read your post wrong, there are no errors except the job errors and no exclusions for the backup services in our virus scan software. Never needed it before.

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Take a look at this

and take note of what the user has to say about the RAM.  It fits what you are saying about 4 concurrent jobs.  If you do not have more than 16Gb of RAM on your Netapp, then you need to reduce the number of concurrent jobs.

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Hello Guys,

we have the same issue with BE2014 SP2 after a EV Partion rollover.

After the rollover to a new partition BE dont show the new Partion in the backup overview.

Recreating a new directory job cant solve the issue and the new Partition isnt listed. The selection in "open partitions" is always the closed partition...


Do you have Enterprise Vault in use?

What BE2014 Service Packe are you use?


best regards


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Interesting post. On our old Netapp we had 12gb ram and never had a problem. Then again I only had 4 drives at the time. Now I have 5 drives and the current controllers have 20gb, so it would appear I am fine on that note.

@Christian, No, we do not have EV and I have SP2 installed for 2014.