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Access Denied Exchnage logs

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I am having EXACTLY the same problem, using the administrators account too!Strange because it occassionally manages a 100% backup still. I have triedreinstalling etc with no luck at all.HELP!"John Harvey" wrote:>>Been having the same issues here - veritas dont want to know about it unless>i pay for support - nice to pay a fortune for a product and get told that>(why am i really seriously thinking about alternatives right now...)>>Any one got ANY ideas on how to fix this - i know its not the service account..>>>"James Joy" wrote:>>>>We are getting the following error when backuping up the Information store>>>>Backup of "\\NTSERVER01\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group>">>Backup set #1 on storage media #1>>Backup set description: "Backup 0020">>Backup Type: FULL - Database & Logs (flush committed logs)>>Backup started on 01/08/2002 at 16:13:04 .>>Access denied to database .>>^ ^ ^ ^ ^>>WARNING: "Mailbox Store (NTSERVER01)" is a corrupt file.>>This file cannot verify.>>^ ^ ^ ^ ^>>Log files>>>>Backup completed on 01/08/2002 at 16:23:22 .>>Backed up 2 Exchange Server store(s)>>Backed up Exchange Server logs>>1 corrupt file was backed up>>>>What is causing this and how to I fix it.>