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Announcing the Backup Exec 2010 Public Beta - Dedupe Everywhere!

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of data deduplication?   The next major release of Backup Exec coming later this year brings industry recognized deduplication technology (using NetBackup PureDisk technology ).  Join us and learn how to enroll in the upcoming public beta and the data reduction and storage savings you can experience with the next Backup Exec release. 

Check here for more details.
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Trial download

Hi there,

If we still have active Maintenance license / subscription active, can we get the free upgrade next year sometimes from BE 12.5 into BE 2010 ?


Hello Albert - If your BE

Hello Albert -

If your BE 12.5 maintenance is active when BE 2010 ships, then you are entitled to the new version. 


Aidan Finley
Sr. Product Manager, Backup Exec

Beta Length

I just installed the Beta, which is listed as a trial, I installed it today and it says I have 155 days left.

How long is the beta for? Is it a timed beta, 155 days, or is it set to expire on a particular date?

Will the real version be available before the trial is up?



Roger D. Fontaine

155 it will expire

155 it will expire 155 days from now, and I assume the final product will be out long before then.

Separate purchase for Dedupe Option ?

OK, great.

So in this case it seems that the Dedupe option is a separate option to install (and buy), therefore I can just get that option as new purchase.

I heard that February 2010 is the release date for this product, can't wait for that time to come.


Backup Exec 2010 Compatibility


Will the Backup Exec 2010 be compatible with Lotus Domino 8.5.1 ?



Swathi: How about awarding

Swathi: How about awarding the foreign posters with points for the weekly prize if there are no US posters? Something to consider...

Backup Agent support

Hi All,

Does Backup Exec 2010 will also supports ESXi 4 backup using vStorage API ? or just the traditional VCB backup as it was before ?


So is this the "Announcing

So is this the "Announcing the Backup Exec 2010 Public Beta" forum???  Where are we suppose to join and ask questions??

 It's supposed to eliminate

 It's supposed to eliminate VCB and use the new backup API's, utilizing all the new bells and whistles in vSphere4.

Hi there will the dedupe be

Hi there
will the dedupe be free option or licensed one?

Hi Amer, dedupe will be sold

Hi Amer,

dedupe will be sold as option for BE, it will need license and some extra money.

Hi Guys, Post this in the

Hi Guys,

Post this in the private discussion group that you can join.

Puredisk integration

I have installed the BETA successfully, but the documentation is a little sketchy on how to setup BE 2010 to connect to a Puredisk SPA for offsite backup.  Is this feature available in the BETA?  If so, is there any other documentation other than the Admin guide that I can use to get this setup?

Hi All Guys I download and

Hi All Guys

I download and install BE 2010-32-bit for test the deduplication

but Deduplication is support only 64-bit

Now I'm download the 64-bit to test

Best Regards

Did anyone get any rewards

Did anyone get any rewards for this? Nothing has been posted so we don't know who to congratulate.
Any further steps taken to reward people outside of the USA with points etc?

Ive used this feature and it

Ive used this feature and it is grate nice and easy to use