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Appending problems with Backup2Disk

Level 3

I have recently installed BE10D with all the latest patches at a customer. The set up is as follows:

Four 500gb SATA disks in RAID5
One Ultrium LTO3 tape device (400/800)

I created two B2D folders, one for the Differential jobs and one for the Full backup. Each of the devices is 600gb.

I made three media sets, Diff, Full and a Tape media set.

When I first ran the full and diff jobs, BE created two .BKF files each 600gb.

My plan were to use the diff.bkf file for all of the diff jobs, and the size of a diff job is around 60gb. And also to use the full.bkf file for the weekly backups, aprox 250gb.
So I configured BE to Append and overwrite if no appendable media is present. This works for about three nights, the BE claims that the media is NOT Appendable cause the media is full. (it has almost 300gb free) And instead of overwriting the media it creates a new .BKF file which uses up all of the available free disk space on the server.

I have the same problem with the full.bkf file, but the job duplication works almost to good to be true, it clones out 250gb to tape in only two hours, and that�s with verifying :)

But if someone could explain to me what I�ve done wrong I would be extremly happy.

Best Regards


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What are the 'Overwrite protection period' and the 'append period' for your media sets?

Did you play with them around?

greetings Peter

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What are the configuration properties of this Backup To Disk folders ?

Go to Device tab in BAckup Exec>click on bBackup To Disk folders >properties>Configuration>Maximum size of Backup To Disk file?
Maximum no. of Backup sets per Backup To Disk file ?

"And instead of overwriting the media it creates a new .BKF file which uses up all of the available free disk space on the server." -

This is happening because you have set "Append and overwrite if no appendable media is present"

Also which media BE claims that the media is NOT Appendable cause the media is full ?? ( diff or full ? )

Update us on the same and revert for any further Query
Hope this will help you

Thank you

Level 3

B2D Diff settings and Full settings are the same.

The config is as follows:
Max Size for B2D file = 600gb
Max numb of B sets = 10 (also tried setting it to 100)
Disk space res = 0
Dev Settings = Auto
Concurrent Op = Allow 1 (also tried 3)

I have also tried different settings on the media sets. I had the diff media set set to 4 days non overwrite and infinit append. And the full were set to 14 days non overwrite with infinit append.

Both BE media claims the the media is NOT Appendable cause the media is full.

Best Regards


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Please refer the following technotes for additonal information:

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Level 3
I have made several changes to the backup configuration because nothing worked, even though I made changes to the settings in the media sets and the overwrite config.
The problem seems to be all the same no matter which job I ran. With the full job for example, the backup started just fine and it backed up around 70Gb when it suddenly stoped using the full B2D disk media that was 600gb and started to create a new B2D media!?!?! How strange is that? And when I looked at the media file it had backed up 70gb and had 500 something GB of free space.

So I�m now using a new approach, I made one B2D file for each weekday and one for the fridays full job, and all of them is set to overwrite, so we will see what happens.

I�m currently on vacation until the 7th of August, so I�m doing all these changes when I got the time.

So if anyone with the similar setup would be so kind to tell me how they configured it would mean alot.



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Deepali Badave

Level 4
If you want to overwrite the backup jobs SET the Overwrite protection for respective media set to '0' - 'Hours'

try the same thing for Append also.

I have tried with 1 options, Since i need to save some space from my USB HDD.

Level 3
Hi again.

Now the jobs seems to run smoothly. So far the appending jobs work fine, it all comes down to how the friday full job runs. I will keep you all posted.



Level 3
Last night the problems came back. BE continously creates new B2D files for some reason, even if there is no overwrite protection set at all, and there is plenty of space in the designated B2D file. Could someone please give me some advice, this is driving me crazy. I am seriously starting to doubt BEs B2D compatibility.


Level 6

Try to increase the no. of backup sets per backup to disk file.

E.g.-If the maximum size of the .bkf file is set to 600 GB and the no.of backup sets is set to 10.

Now if Backup Exec has already written 10 backup sets to the first .bkf file and the space remaining on the bkf file is say 200 GB.

Backup Exec wont use this remaining 200 GB as the no. of backup sets that have been written to this bkf file have already been exhausted.

In such situations Backup Exec creates a new .bkf file and proceeds with the backup.

Every resource selected forms a backup set i.e- C, D, and Shadow Copy Components would give you three backup sets in the job log.


Level 2
Same problem using backup2disk folders with 10.d... It wont append the next job to a backup to disk file it will start a new one???

 I have set the folder to 10G files and 60 number of sets but it is not filling the 10G it just writes the first job (1.2G) and starts a new one?? The append period is unlimited the overwrite protection is set to 3 days. I have been fiddling around the settings in a last 3 weeks tried different settings (5G 120 set, 100G 6 set) no luck.

Also it is not using all the sets it stopps creating new ones around 6 and then wont create any more.


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