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BE 20.3 constant UI "Not Responding"

Level 4

Never had an issue with the Backup Exec UI before but since 20.3 the interface hangs pretty constantly. If I wait long enough it'll eventually come back. Anyone else seeing this?


Level 4

Im getting this same issue with 20.1

I don't recall if it occurred with 20.1 but it's certainly possible. It's really bad with 20.3. Server has 2 CPU sockets, 8 cores for each CPU, 16GB of RAM. Nothing is using the CPU at all when this happens and RAM use is very low. Doesn't seem to be a resource issue.

Employee Accredited Certified

We have seen some issues with our beremote process using 100% CPU on certain Dell servers (which we have been researching with Dell)


However this does not seem to match your description - as such I encourage you to log formal support cases for a proper investigation

Try the following:


Backup Exec console may take long time to load and appears hung on "Loading Data" dialog box.


I find i can replicate the problem sometimes by pressing f5 on any of the tabs.